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C.K.S. Packaging, Inc. (CKS) is dedicated to good corporate citizenship, and is an equal opportunity employer committed to inclusiveness and respect for all individuals, regardless of race, ethnicity, ancestry, sex, age, religion, or any other factor that is not relevant to the quality of an individual’s work.

CKS neither espouses nor condones individual conduct that is degrading toward any person (or persons) or morally repugnant. Any expression of degrading or irresponsible conduct that is offensive toward any individual or group does not represent CKS’ views or philosophy.

CKS’ commitment to positive community relations and corporate responsibility through the support of more than 40 philanthropic charities and organizations is the true representation of CKS’ social policy. CKS promotes and celebrates the dignity of every human life, and our hope is that our products make every life better. We believe in redemption, and our Second Chance Program is designed to encourage reformation acknowledging the precious gift of each human life.

CKS employs humans, all of whom are subject to the range of triumphs of the spirit and frailties of the flesh that comprise the human experience. Individuals who violate CKS’ policies are subject to appropriate action.

We appreciate comments that help us maintain the focus on our mission to the community.