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Our Sustainability Commitment

CKS Packaging is COMMITTED to providing supply chain solutions for our customers that continually exceed their expectations.

We recognize our RESPONSIBILITY toward greater sustainability in the products and services that we provide.

We will do this while ensuring the SAFETY of our products and compliance with all applicable regulations and GMP’s.

At CKS Packaging, our PEOPLE are our Greatest Asset: They are the Keys to our Success in the pursuit of Continuously Improving Everything in our Company.

Our Sustainability Commitment includes a solemn commitment to always be good stewards of the environment while acting with humility, and always treating others with dignity and respect. Our approach to a more sustainable future is based on the premise of responsible, efficient, and ethical business operations focusing on: REUSE/REPURPOSE, REDUCE, AND RECYLE.


  • Flash/Process Regrind – recaptured in the molding process
  • Reuse of returnable dunnage and secondary packaging
  • Knockdown corrugated containers
  • Slip sheet and corner boards
  • Pallets, tier sheet and top frames


  • Container light-weighting initiatives yield up to 5 to 25% reduction in virgin resin usage
  • CKS on-site business model eliminates freight and fuel/emissions
  • Installation of LED lighting and occupancy sensors have yielded improves energy efficiency
  • Investments in new generation manufacturing machinery with energy efficient technology
  • Transport and material handling equipment updates yielding improved fuel efficiency
  • Optimization of trailer cube utilization reduces GHG’s for transportation
  • Process and packaging automation initiatives improve safety, quality and GHG’s


  • >96% of all containers produced from resins that are code #1 or #2 recyclable
  • Recycling programs in place for major materials
  • Utilization of Post-Consumer Resins - Up to 100% - both HDPE and PET
  • Utilization of 100% recycled corrugated for secondary packaging
  • CKS offers KORTRAX® BARITAINER® - A Safe/Sustainability barrier packaging alternative
  • Recognized by the Association of Plastics recyclers (APR) as fully recycable in the PCR stream.
  • Recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as PSAS-free.

Packaging Sustainability

CKS Packaging Sustainability At-A-Glance

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Kortrax® Baritainer® - A Safe/Sustainable Barrier Packaging Alternative

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