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CKS Packaging is a manufacturing supplier to National and Fortune 500 brands across the United States. Our prestigious list of customers encompasses a large variety of industries and markets, including:


CKS Packaging is proud to be the largest container manufacturer in the United States serving an extensive array of beverage solutions. As a leader in the beverage industry. CKS several resin options incuding PET, HDPE, PP, PETG, EPET, and PET Hot fill.

  • JUICE: CKS is also the largest serving the juice industry and provides many offerings for single-serve and multi-serve sizes.
  • DAIRY: The catalyst for CKS Packaging’s success, CKS possesses a large portfolio of dairy sizes and shapes available in certified locations.
  • WATER: With dedicated production lines exclusively for a wide array of water containers and several onsite manufacturing sites, CKS is a major front runner for water bottle manufacturing.
  • PET/Hot Fill: Being an industry leader in PET handle ware (EPET/PETG), CKS offers a large selection of teas, nutritional drinks, and flavored beverage solutions. In addition to handle ware and single serve options, CKS also provides PET Hot Fill capabilities for the ever-growing demand for specialty beverages and syrups, etc.


CKS offers both retail and institutional style containers in various resins, shapes and sizes. As innovation pioneers, CKS also offers wide mouth PET jars made from 100% recycled PET, with finishes ranging from 48mm to 120mm. Lightweight container designs, handle, and non-handle designs are available as stock offerings.


A large segment of CKS’ portfolio, household or consumer goods includes household products, cleaners, personal care items (body washes, soaps, lotions, scrubs, etc.), pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals/nutritional supplements, toiletries, and cosmetics.


CKS is a large supplier of ag-chem products such as pool supplies and lawn and garden, in a variety of sizes and designs including handle ware, and view stripe options.



In the automotive segment, CKS supplies bottles for cleaners, polishes, fuel additives, motor oil, and more including multi-layer capabilities.


CKS offers state of the art design and engineering technologies proven to ensure speed to market for any custom mold project. Whether a complex build or a streamlined design, CKS is there every step of the way from concept creation, 2D drawings, 3D model printing, and commercializing final mold build with our experienced dedicated team available for you. Award winning designs and speed to market process sets CKS apart as a leader for quality and service on custom designs in the industry.


CKS has a large diversity of industrial containers to meet all your needs ranging from small sizes such as 8oz. to over 160oz. These containers include trigger sprayers, oblongs, window stripe, and handle ware.