CKS Presents Kortrax® BR: A Safe and Sustainable Alternative for PE Rigid Packaging

CKS Presents Kortrax® BR: A Safe and Sustainable Alternative for PE Rigid Packaging

CKS Packaging has partnered with BP Polymers, LCC to offer Kortrax® BR, a unique and proprietary barrier resin additive for PE and PP base resins. This barrier technology for rigid HDPE packaging eliminates the need for post-mold fluorination, and the costs associated with added handling and logistics.

Kortrax® is not a surface treatment, but rather an additive to the masterbatch that works at various let down ratios (LDR), under controlled conditions, to provide a safe, and sustainable permeation barrier, without the generation of PFOA/hazardous chemicals. Rigid HDPE containers made with Kortrax are PFAS/PFOA free. There is no excess freight and/or handling required. This results in a significant reduction in GHG emissions. Kortrax® BR also provides a superior oxygen and water vapor barrier for enhanced shelf-life and product freshness. These containers can be recycled in conventional PE equipment.

With this unique barrier technology, both manufacturing and distribution are optimized. Manufacturing LCA parameters are from one fourth to orders of magnitude less than metal. Kortrax Barrier Resin has been recognized by the Association of Plastics Recyclers as fully recyclable in the HDPE post consumer resin stream. Supply chain issues and production lead times that are typical with other barrier options are significantly minimized. Kortrax® BR provides a cost advantage when compared to fluorinated PE and multilayer structures.

Stock capabilities:

  • 1Gal F-Style (8447)
  • Industrial Round Gallon (MA8445)
  • 2.5Gal F-Style (9031)
  • 8oz cylinder (3504)
  • 32oz cylinder 38mm (6501)
  • 32oz Trigger sprayer w/ratchet (6236)
  • Sample LDR’s from 5% to 20%
  • Custom designs available.

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*CKS is a US based supplier serving exclusively the North American market.