CKS Packaging Offers Safer & Sustainable Packs With Kortrax® BR

CKS Packaging Offers Safer & Sustainable Packs With Kortrax® BR

Under the authority of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has taken action to protect the environment and the public from the release of harmful chemicals (PFAS/PFOA) that are created in the production of fluorinated HDPE containers.

CKS Packaging offers a Safe/Sustainable alternative to the fluorination process with Kortrax® BR. This proprietary and unique (PFAS/PFOA-free) barrier resin additive is blended with the base polymer (HDPE, LDPE and PP) to create an effective permeation barrier against VOC’s, as well as water vapor/O2 transfer. Unlike fluorination, this is not a post manufacturing treatment, and therefore eliminates additional transportation and handling. It has been formally recognized by the APR as fully recyclable in the stream.

Kortrax® BR is an effective barrier additive for PE or PP, but not a surface treatment. It offers both sustainability and operating improvements, including:

  • Provides highly effective permeation barrier, container is PFAS/PFOA—free, no hazardous chemicals
  • Prevents permeation of potentially toxic, flammable, or environmentally dangerous chemicals
  • Provides oxygen and water vapor barrier to protect product freshness
    1/13/22- Kortrax® is recognized as meeting/Exceeding APR HDPE Critical Guidance criteria and as acceptable in the HDPE recycling stream
  • No excess freight as typically required with fluorination and double handling for pack/stack
  • Manufacturing LCA parameters that are from one fourth to orders of magnitude less than metal
  • Significant reduction in GHG’s vs. post-mold fluorination due to less freight and double handling
  • No supply chain issues as seen in EVOH or metals
  • Improved economics versus fluorinated PE and/or multilayer structures

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*CKS is a US based supplier serving exclusively the North American market.
*End user is responsible to verify and ensure compatibility with specific formulations.