Site Safety Program

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“Social Responsibility” isn’t just the latest buzz phrase for CKS, it’s our commitment to our customers, our employees and our community. Every. Single. Day.

Safety Mission Statement

CKS Packaging considers employees to be the most important asset of the company and endeavors to protect them by providing a safe working environment. To that end, the Safety Program has been developed to provide general safety rules, procedures and programs that facilitate safe behavior. It assigns responsibilities to management and the employees to ensure best practices are followed, to include contractors and visitors.

CKS Packaging believes in a “Do No Harm” philosophy. By focusing on conditions, the environment, and most importantly creating positive behaviors, we increase the  chances of zero employee injuries. We challenge others when we see unsafe behavior because we believe it is all employee’s responsibility to help protect one another from harm.

Environmental Mission Statement

CKS Packaging considers the protection of the environment a responsibility of any type of business. It strives to minimize the use of hazardous substances that could potentially become pollutants. The strategy of product development and manufacture is to make every effort to utilize non-hazardous ingredients and methods and if not possible, the appropriate control measures used to minimize emissions of any type. This strategy employs the use of proper design, engineering, controls, and competent personnel to ensure the prevention of conditions that may cause harm to persons or the environment. Whereas regulatory compliance is a must, it is not considered the end to the process and methods will be employed to ensure a sustainable product and process. Furthermore, CKS Packaging considers itself to be a part of the community and has a responsibility to preserve the surroundings in which we work.

Our Environmental Program provides the guidance for managing programs, materials, processes, and products in a safe and clean manner. It provides compliance programs and best practices to act as a vehicle to manage future growth and development. 

In general, the hierarchy of management is the use of non-hazardous materials in formulations, processing, and cleaning. If this is not supported by the product requirements, then whenever possible, a method of design control will be utilized to contain any hazardous materials and either reuse, recycle or destroy in an environmentally safe manner. 

This program will be revised and modified as needed by changes in best practices, products, methods, or scientific discovery. Every effort is made to protect people and the environment while producing a product within our facilities.

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